Direction of Photography

"Ask and you shall receive" is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Upright Graphics. Jack Frisch has the gift of being able to take a client's abstract ideas and translate them successfully to create a beautiful finished product. I was thrilled with his work

Joe Locke

Upright Graphics is available to direct photo shoots in the studio, at live performances or on-location for your design projects.

No matter the budget, there's no reason not to begin a CD design by shooting with specific ideas and intentions of where each image "belongs" within your CD's package or design.

I work one on one with the client to develop a idea, sometimes based on nothing more then a song title, and then work together, with your photographer or one of my own, to bring that concept to fruition within your budget, time and space available.

Let me show you what my resourcefulness, unique ideas and sense for the entire package design can do for you.

E-mail or call if you have any questions regarding photography direction and rates.

Joe and the late Mark Leford, in Brooklyn Heights N.Y., during Upright Graphic's direction of them with photographer Andrew Lepley for the CD "Story Telling"